8 Amazing Science channels on YouTube to increase your IQ!

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Are you a compulsive YouTuber like us? Do you reach out for it on your tablet when you’re bored? Are you tired of Taylor Swift music videos and politics? Well, YouTube has some amazing videos that can actually increase your IQ and general knowledge! Here are our favorite Science channels! Now, go be a Mensa genius!

1. Minute Physics

About it: Minute Physics is our inspiration, the reason started creating videos in the first place! I confess that I don’t understand everything explained in the videos, but it introduces me to new terms and a basic understanding of them every single day (Higgs Boson, Black Holes and Dark Matter)! Our motto is similar to Henry Reich’s (founder, Minute Physics) – “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Watch them all – we promise it’ll make you smarter! Minute Physics Playlist

2. Hoopla Kidz Labz

About it: So very, very cool! We love following their colorful, many times messy, but always spectacular experiments at home. There are tons of them and they are all fun to do. Am I repeating myself? Yes, but I’m trying to sell this hard to you – this is the best way to become a STEAM’er – experiment and learn!


3. Ted-Ed

About it: It’s by the TED Talks folks, their videos have the best animation, they have some great topics (why do our bodies age, how does our digestive system work, why do we itch, why do people go bald?). Questions we all need answers to! ☺. Between 4 and 5 minutes. Did I mention great animation? There are 148 of these, so subscribe and pace yourself!

Link to their entire “Getting under our skin” (Science – Biology – Human Body) series

4. It’s Okay To Be Smart

About it: This channel, by PBS (so we know it’ll be great) has some great videos on almost all branches of science. The science is very well-explained, and the animation and video keeps you interested. Admit it – you’ve always wondered why your brain is in your head also. Yes? Please say yes.

PBS – It’s Okay To Be Smart channel

5. 5 Minute Crafts Kids 

About it: I admit 5 minute crafts kids is not entirely Science, it’s a good mix of STEAM subjects (math tricks, soap worms, DIY phone speakers), but they rank high on our playlist, because they are fun, bright, quick and actually do-able at home. They have a variety of things to try (towel folding not for you? You may love the Glue Gun hacks).

5 Minute Crafts Kids Playlist

6. Crash Course Kids

About it: It’s by PBS, they have amazing videos on physics, Dr. Shini Shamora has a super British accent that I love to copy every now and then ☺. There are some cons – they tend to be long and I like short (2-3 minutes), sweet, to-the-point videos more. Probably just me though. OK.Watch these and enjoy!

Crash Course videos (series) we especially like:

7. ElectroBoom

About it: No, Mr. Mehdi Sadaghdar, you are a hero!☺ And a very funny one too! Seriously though, you make me want to be an engineer. Your videos are great, I may never create my own shunt but I’ve watched the video a few times, and I always keep hoping you’ll wear gloves (see the videos to see what I mean, people)! One of these days, I will start working on all the electronics kits my mom keeps buying me, and then hopefully I can start building things too!

8. STEAMism Videos

About it: Snuck that in there, didn’t I? ☺ We’ve just started our video-making career but we have a feeling you’ll love the short, sweet, and to-the-point videos we’re creating. Definite IQ-increaser! Subscribe to our channel, please, and you can keep seeing more great videos from us!

Short, sweet and to-the-point STEAMism Videos on YouTube

Have any more suggestions? Tell us please, we’ll update the list and add them to our playlists! Time to go watch and get smart! ☺

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