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STEAMism Mission

“The mission of STEAMism is to create innovative, visual education activities that encourage exploring and learning and equip our readers with the knowledge and critical thinking to use STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) in their everyday lives.”
Our mission aims to meet the challenges of education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, and provide our learners with an innovative, visual method of learning that we hope will spark their interest and creativity in learning, exploring and teaching STEAM.


The STEAMism Team

Aniruddha Pochimcherla
As a high school freshman this year (2017-2018), Ani is studying an interesting mix of STEM subjects, including Introduction to Engineering Design and Autodesk Inventor. Being heavily involved with school and community programs, Ani enjoys working with people and being a Boy Scout has helped him strengthen these skills. He was part of the Leadership team in middle school, representing his school district in the 2016 No Place for Hate Conference. Two of his passions are STEM and teaching and STEAMism is a way to combine both. He has been an active contributor to various STEM activities and clubs including Engineering Club, TAME, MathCounts, and Coding Club. Having blogged since 2nd grade, Ani has learnt some useful skills, including writing, editing, graphic design, coding, web design, WordPress customizations, development and management, Arduino programming, Autodesk Inventor, and video editing. No matter how crazy or hectic his life may get in the future, Ani never wants to stop learning about the world around him and hopes to use his past, present, and future experiences at school and college to positively impact the lives of others.
Divya Pochimcherla
As a 7th grader (2017-2018) from the creative city of Austin, Divya has a million ideas running through her head at any single moment. She's a creative force, and is the official design guru for STEAMism.com, responsible for developing and delivering new concepts for visual design, including infographics and other graphic art. She enjoys being a part of her school's Art Club and Maker Club. Another area of expertise is video design, and she has been learning the art of video and audio design and editing. Divya is an avid reader, be it her favorite Harry Potter series, anything by Rick Riordan, almost all Newbury and Bluebonnet Award winners, and any other fiction that comes her way. She has been a blogger and prolific writer since Kindergarten and enjoys activities that combine both the creative and technical (Adobe Illustrator and 3D printing). Check out her new blog, AdventuREADS to see her library! Among the million ideas she has running around in her visual brain, Divya is planning and working on organizing local events at our community center, coming up with a syllabus for weekly STEAM sessions for different age groups.

Our Other Blogs

Ani and Divya’s blog – circa 2011 to 2013
AdventuREADS – Divya’s book reviews (currently offline; being redesigned)

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