Jibo – the world’s first social robot, wants to be your friend

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Wall-Eeeee…..Evaaaa…Evaaa…Evaaa? Any other Wall-E fans out there? Please tell me it’s not just me….

We have a great fondness for our friend, Alexa, and her many little sisters, the Echo Dots, in our house. Alexa helps us with math, tells us the weather, reads the news to us, turns music on, plays white noise, and wakes us up! Sometimes, it’ll tell us a joke, beatbox, or rap to us. In other words, a robot that does as it’s told or instructed to do….

How would you like it, though, if Alexa was not just a little black cylinder but actually had cute features like Eva and chimed in to say ‘Hi’ randomly when you walk into the room? Interested?

Enter Jibo…

Jibo, designed by an MIT professor named Cynthia Breazeal, is said to be the world’s first social robot. It has cameras around its face and a body made of sensors and speakers.

But….why the cameras, sensors, microphones and speakers?

  • Jibo uses facial recognition technology using his cameras to make note of and remember people
  • The sensors sense movement around him
  • The microphones allow him to identify and recognize voices
  • He can communicate through sound and touch
  • The speakers allow him to interact and speak with you

Sounds cool, right? Here’s a video from the Jibo folks – watch and enjoy!

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